We created the trademarked formula Andropometrics™️, which revolutionizes how one measures the body based on an individuals’ gender identity and queer style. In addition, Sharpe has developed a unique stand of sizing for its online store apparel which has a flattering fit for all gender identities and body shapes.

The entire process takes on average 8 weeks from initial Design to the Delivery of your Sharpe suit. We recommend 3 months for all wedding clients. Clients may be charged 30% rush fee for any services requiring turn-around of less than 3 months, depending on current volume of clients at a given Sharpe location.

For a 2-piece Custom Suit:

  • Half Canvas – Custom constructed: 1550+ 
  • Full Canvas (higher quality) – Custom constructed: 1750+ 
  • True Bespoke Experience: 3,000+

For a 3-piece Custom Suit:

  • Half Canvas – Custom constructed: 1750+ 
  • Full Canvas (higher quality) – Custom constructed: 1950+ 
  • True Bespoke Experience: 3,300+

For a Dress Shirt: $185

Inquire about à la carte options.

Our fabrics are sourced from all over the world. We provide over 400 high quality classic suit fabrics and over 300 high-quality shirt fabrics. Our inventory is updated annually according to industry trends and client demands.

We have Design Session meeting locations around the country in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Charlotte and Tampa. For more information on the exact address for each location, please see our Contact or Book Now page.


Now offering virtual Design Sessions (see below).

In light of COVID-19 social distancing, Sharpe is now offering virtual Design Sessions to provide our clients with quality custom clothing to meet their special occasions on time. Please inquire at bespoke@sharpesuiting.com if you are interested or have any questions.

Ethics & Sustainability

Our factories utilize sustainable practices and recycle all additional materials. They use organic and sustainable products and are compliant with environmental management system standards GB/T 24001 and ISO 14001. 

Also, all the garments we produce are made from green/sustainable fabric and materials.

Both Sharpe and its manufacturing affiliates donate or sponsor proceeds to a diverse group of social enterprises and non-profit organizations. 

Sharpe donates suits to the youth annually to ProjectQ, LA LGBT Center, and Translatina Coalition non profit organizations. Through our successes and continued passion to serve the community who initially inspired us, we’ve been able to donate hundreds of suits to LGBTQ youth centers. We’ve also donated to Wellesley college and UCLA career centers. In addition, we’ve sponsored suits for queer prom students across the country.

Sharpe often sponsors queer fashion events or conferences, including DapperQ NYFW, NiK Kacy’s Equality Fashion Week, and The Weekend Soiree. 

Our factories also donate to non-profit organizations that support women and homeless and impoverished youth.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the US, Mexico, and China.

All workers (factory and administrative office) work an average of 8 hours per day. If they work additional hours at will, they are paid overtime. The minimum age of people working in the factory is 19 years old and they have a high school diploma. All administrative office workers have a bachelors or masters degree.

Hard-working, solidarity, and collaboration.

Sharpe’s factories are best in class manufacturing companies who hire well skilled and qualified workers. Our factories have over 20 years of OEM experience and utilize data-driven technology and manufacturing practices. 


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