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When the world knew me as a little girl, I dreamed constantly of a more inclusive fashion world. One where I could find myself in what I wore, and how the world saw me.

And so this first collection is dedicated to the LGBTQ community, whose own style dreams inspired me to bring them to life by first launching Sharpe. Each piece is named after one of my chosen family who have been the support along this road.

Sharpe was founded to provide a safe place for the masculine-identified community to find clothing we could be proud to wear, that was custom-tailored to fit our own body types, styles and identities. We no longer had to adjust to fit – Sharpe fit you.

Now, using the 4000+ actual body metrics we meticulously collected from over 250 of our clients of all identities, we have developed a new agender or gender-neutral standard of sizing. We think it’s revolutionary.

And since those beginnings, we’ve grown to meet the many variations of people who want to wear Sharpe, no matter how they identify. For the first time, our clothing is now available online, for the many diverse people who have contacted us from far afield.

This collection is for who you are. No matter who you are.


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